Zoom F4 Setup (PDF manual)

NOTE #1: Please do not change any of the default settings on the Zoom F4. Any changes will make harder for students following you to use the unit.

NOTE #2: You can only use the Zoom F4 at MSM.
Do not bring it outside.

NOTE #3: Remember to bring the following to your recording session:

- Zoom F4 case (which includes, Zoom F4, headphones, power cable, USB cable)
- Mic stand
- Mics (either the Shure KM141 or Rode NT1-A)
- One or Two mic XLR cables


1- Remove Zoom F4, headphones, and power plug (if used) from case.

2- If using wall power, plug the power plug into unit and wall

3- If using battery power, make sure batteries are charged and correctly loaded into the F4

4- Turn on the Zoom F4 by pushing and holding the "power" button on the front panel.

5- Connect one or two microphones on the left side panel.

6- Connect headphones one right side panel

7- If using condenser microphones (either the Shure KM141 or Rode NT1-A), make sure phantom power is on by looking for the lightning bolt icons on each mic channel (see image below).

NOTE: By default, phantom power should already be on (please do not turn it off). If it is not, then refer to the manual for the instructions on how to turn it on (p. 80 in manual).

8- Press the "record enable" buttons for each mic (the number buttons) - a red light should appear. You should now see some activity on meters of each mic channels.

SET YOUR LEVELS! Look at the meters and adjust the Mic Gain dials on the Zoom F4 (see image above) until the loudest parts of what you're trying to record hits about -6dB. Avoid clipping as much as possible (i.e., you should never see the top of the meters turn red).

NOTE: If recording in stereo, the Mic Gain dials should be at the
exact same level.

10- Adjust the headphone volume (see image above). Remember: the mic level and the headphone volume are not the same thing. Make sure the mics are receive a good signal by looking at the meters and adjusting the Mic Gain dials, then adjust the headphone volume to a comfortable level.

11- Record a test sound - Press the record button. Once done, press stop.

12- Listen to your test by simply pressing "play". Ask yourself the following questions:

Is there too much/too little room sound?

Is the sound "natural" (i.e., like it sounds to your ears), or is it more focused on a particular frequency range?

Adjust the mic placement and levels accordingly.

13- Repeat steps 9-12 until you are satisfied with the sound and then record your source.


1- Connect the USB cable to the Zoom F4 and to the computer

2- Press the "Menu" button, then turn the dial above the menu button until you reach "USB". Press the dial to select.

3- Turn the dial again until you reach "SD Card Reader", and press the dial to select.

The Zoom F4 should now appear as an external hard drive on the Computer. Your audio files should be in the folder named with the day's dates (ex: 170306).