Recording Into Logic with the MOTU 828mrkIII

1- Make sure the Mixer, MOTU 828, Speakers, and Computer are all turned on.

2- Make sure the USB cable going from the black box (MOTU 828) is connected to the computer.

3- Plug a microphone into either Mic Input 1 to Mic Input 2 on the 828

4- If using a condenser microphone, make sure you turn on Phantom Power. PUSH and HOLD the Trim button repeatedly, until the light with the 48v label turns RED.

5- Make sure the PAD lights are off. If they are GREEN, PUSH and HOLD the Trim button a few times more until they dissappear (but the 48v must still be RED).

6- In logic, go to the preferences and choose "MOTU 828 Hybrid" as the Input and Output device

7- Create a new track and select "Input 1" or "input 2", depending on where you plugged in your mic.

8- Make sure the Main Fader (labeled
"Front Speakers") on the mixer is completely down. Make sure, however, that the faders on the mixer labeled "MOTU 828 Main L-R" are between -10dB and "U" (see "Multi-Channel Audio" section on website for more about outputs).

9- Press the "record enable" button - it will turn red and start to blink. You should now see some activity on meters of the track.

SET YOUR LEVELS! Look at the meters and adjust the Trim dial on the MOTU 828 until the loudest parts of what you're trying to record hits about -6dB. Avoid clipping as much as possible (i.e., you should never see the top of the meters turn red).

11- Record a test sound - Press the record button. Once done, press stop or spacebar.

12- Listen to your test. Bring the Main Fader (labeled
"Front Speakers") on the mixer up to about -10db. Bring the playhead to the beginning of your clip, and press spacebar. You should hear your test recording. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is there too much/too little room sound?

Is the sound "natural" (i.e., like it sounds to your ears), or is it more focused on a particular frequency range?

Adjust the mic placement and levels accordingly.

IMPORTANT: if your recording is very quiet, DO NOT simply raise the faders on the mixer. You MUST raise the trim on the MOTU and re-record.

13- Repeat steps 8-12 until you are satisfied with the sound and then record your source.