Assignment 3 - Mini Acousmatic

Compose a 1-2min composition using ONLY clips from the sounds you recorded with the Sony or Zoom recorder. This piece should be exploratory, not beat based, and should focus on the interaction of the different sounds that you'll record. For inspiration, please consult the listening list, especially the pieces by Normendeau, Harvey, Dhomont, and Westerkamp. Your piece should follow these guidelines:

***NOTE: Because I had to cancel class, we will not be doing the live sound diffusion (unless you want to give it shot on your own). So you can simply focus on creating a stereo piece using only the front speakers.

• Record a variety of sounds using the Sony or Zoom portable recorders (see the sidebar for tips on how to use them). Microphones can reveal lots of unexpected sounds, so try as many sources as possible and see what happens. If it doesn't sound good, it's fine, you can just delete it!

• Bring all your recordings into Logic and edit them to remove all the unnecessary or uninteresting parts.

• All your sounds clips that you end using in the piece should be no longer than 10 sec long.

• You can use all editing options that we've seen in class, including reversing, time stretching, and pitch shifting. You can also use the time grid, but remember that this is not a beat based piece

• You can use all available plug-ins in Logic. Explore! That said, there are many plug-ins and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the choice, so I recommend you start by using only the plug-ins we've seen in class: Channel EQ, Amp Designer, Delay Designer, Ringshifter, Chroma Verb, Space Designer. You can start with a preset, but it MUST be modified.

• You MUST use automation for panning, volume, and reverb, to create a sense of space and motion (left-right, near to far)

You do not need to send me a bounced version, but be prepared to show your Logic project and talk about your work in class. Be also prepared to play some of the sound files you recorded.


Your mini-acousmatic composition, worth 15% of your final grade, will be evaluated as follows:

/3 quality of recordings (no noise, good levels, good sound)
/3 use of panning, volume, reverb, and EQ to create a sense of space
/3 interesting use of processing
/3 quality of the mix (no clipping, good use of EQ, no exaggerated EQ boosting)
/3 overall quality of edits and composition

As mentioned in the first class and on the syllabus, work submitted late will be penalized 50%.