Assignment 1 - Bach

Download the audio excerpt and score of Bach's
Prelude #10 from the WTC book 1 (see links below), and perform the following edits:

Download Audio and Score

1- convert bars 1-3 from 4/4 to 3/8 (-> each 4/4 bar becomes two 3/8 bars)
2- delete bars 4-20
3- convert bar 21-22 from 4/4 to 3/8 (as above); seamlessly join this to bar 3 and 23
4- find a musical way of reducing bars 23-41 (= 19 bars) by about half, to only 9 or 10 bars (tip: look for similar harmonies)

The end result should be one continuous piece of music, lasting about 48s.

/4 Use of Crossfades
/4 No clicks
/4 Edits are "musical" (edits make sense musically, and no quick double attacks from overlapping edits)
/3 Correct removal of bars 4-20
Total /15

Please send me, by email, a bounced version (WAV or AIFF, 16bit, 44.1kHz) of your edited piece by Wednesday, Feb 10th, 10pm. Also, be prepared to present your Logic project in class (bring your laptops!)